I love California's Soul. Below are a few favorite images I've captured over the years.

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

Two of my dearest friends got married in September up at their Emerald Bay family cabin in Lake Tahoe back in 1999. After missing out on their yearly gathering there for several years in a row, I committed to going this past year and it was my favorite year to date. It's an extraordinary place in California, and dare I say, the world. This is the morning view from the cabin's deck.


apple canyon, california

After spending 4 days at Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center in the Spring of 2017, I was driving out of the canyon back to LA and stopped on the side of the road to take this pic. There were no cars on the road, but I still had to force myself to stop for some reason. I'm so happy I did because I really love this image.


Ventura, California

In March 2014, I made a huge life change by moving to Charlottesville, Virginia, to pursue an opportunity in the music industry. A few dear friends got together to send me off and before the night got crackin', we caught the sunset at a local beach in Ventura. Picturesque sunsets in CA are easy to come by and they can make everyone feel like an artist. Something about the make-shift beach teepees and kite make this one stand out to me.


Somewhere on the i-5

Living in Northern California for 15 years prior to migrating to Los Angeles inevitably ends up meaning hours and hours on the Interstate 5. Getting strategic about where to stop along the way has become an art. I usually pitstop at fast food places to use the bathroom. By the luck of the draw on a winter day, I parked in front of a Burger King and saw this composition from my car. Later, I decided to see if I could fancy it up with filters. I love how it turned out. 


venice, california

I lived in Santa Monica from 2012 to 2014 and used to wake up "early" on Sunday mornings, hop on my bike and head to the bike trail that hugs the Pacific Ocean between Venice & SM. I always marveled at how quiet and empty it was at the beach at that time, people still hungover or sleeping in on Sunday mornings, not clogging up the scene just yet. Gave me lots of opportunities to snag shots like these. Photo edited w/ Pixlr (blog post on my Pixlr obssession forthcoming!!).


eastside santa cruz (26th st. beach)

In 2001, I was living a few blocks from the beach in what would eventually become my favorite place ever to live. The Pleasure Point area of Santa Cruz -- at least at that time -- definitely had a sparkle to it. This beach phase for me was too brief, even though I left the Pleasure Point zone for a very good reason. I may take the time to wax poetic about all that at some point. For now, suffice it to say, Pleasure Point is on a very very short list of where I'd like to fully sunset my life once it gets to that level so many years from now.