Rest In Piece, John Perry Barlow

Rest In Peace JPB

Publishing content that ANYONE ANYWHERE in the world can access at ANY moment is such a mind-blowing opportunity and privilege. None of it would be possible without the efforts of John Perry Barlow. 

The internet lost one of its founding fathers this past week. Affectionately known across the internet as JPB, he died in his sleep at his home in San Francisco at the age of 70. He was a homie to my homies and we exchanged pleasantries more than a few times. One of my favorite memories of him was spotting those magnet ball chains in his home on a visit once and feeling tickled that I had the same ones. We giggled about how much fun they are to mess with. And any time I have guests at my home, they are always enchanted by those weird magnet balls. So I think of him often, actually. 

And we should all think of him often because of his profound affect on our lives, via either the Internet or his lyrics with the Grateful Dead. He was a special spirit and we're lucky to have lived in the same lifetime as him. Read more about JPB: 

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