Post-launch Glow

Left Field Labs 

My team completed a huge milestone last week and it inspired me to jot a few notes about it here. Over the last several months, Left Field Labs (LFL) designed, developed, and produced the brand new website for Toyota Research Institute (TRI). TRI is the robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) division of Toyota and their new site just launched this past week:

Toyota Research Institute Website:

Toyota Research Institute Website:

My role as Senior Digital Producer at LFL is not much different than a basketball point guard. Which I loved being in junior high and high school. Making assists was always more poetic to me than scoring actual points. As a producer, making sure all team members -- and especially the client -- have what they need is quite satisfying. I have THE fondest memories of my basketball team and all of us being so deeply committed to the effort we were putting forth to sharpen our skills. Learned a lifetime of lessons from that whole chapter. 

LFL is a creative technology agency consisting of producers, creative directors, account managers, UX leads, designers, developers, technical leads, QA engineers, strategists, copywriters, motion graphics folks, VR folks, and so on and so on. We have offices both in Venice and Mountain View (Google-only projects in MTV and Venice is Google plus other brands). The company just celebrated its 10th anniversary -- on the day the TRI site launched. Hitting milestones is definitely in the air!

What is a digital producer? 

Website production is (hopefully) a very thought-provoking process for a business. There can be profoundly intentional creativity in the early phases of a website. Considering your target audience, setting goals around what you want your audience to retain, causing actions... it's definitely a whole thing. I'm endlessly fascinated by the process. 

Coordinating team members efforts alongside the goals of our stakeholders (the Client) can be a delicate dance. Working with a sound scope of work is always a nice jumping off point, but sometimes "things" get messy. And course-correcting a project when it gets into a messy phase is usually a lot harder than entering into the early days of a seemingly-clean SOW. 

The producer is constantly mitigating risks during the web production process. And wrangling. LOTS of wrangling. One of my little jokes about producing websites is, "It's definitely not boring!", which is great for my gemini-leaning self. 

Publishing content that ANYONE ANYWHERE in the world can access at ANY moment is such a mind-blowing opportunity and privilege. How brands or artists connect with their audiences can be so intimate, for better and for worse. I've been vocal about personally going back and forth about the endless possibilities of digital expressions and it can be SO overwhelming. The service of supporting a brand/artist honing in on their business intentions in the digital space takes a certain grounding. And I'm happy to have interesting opportunities to explore and provide such services! 

Running point but still taking shots back in the day (Northeast Ohio, ~1992)

Running point but still taking shots back in the day (Northeast Ohio, ~1992)