Meditating on New Year's Eve

meditation and the mainstream

In years past, I've considered myself an extrovert, a communicator, someone who seemingly always has something -- even a lot -- to say. So when I first discovered the intention-setting ceremonies on New Year's Eve in 2009, I had a considerable amount to grapple with internally. Could I really be silent... on New Year's Eve??? Would I be happy being silent? Would I miss my friends that I would more than likely be goofing off with in a major way? Lots of questions came up, but I followed my inquisitiveness and did the ceremony back then at Green Gulch Zen Center in Marin County (California). A dear friend had just died and I was ready to be silent. 

Bringing us into the present, I'm in a new exciting role at Left Field Labs and our leadership team is training through the organization, "Search Inside Yourself" which is mindfulness-oriented. 

Meanwhile, I'm typing this while listening to the newest Sam Harris podcast, "The Science of Meditation."

It's a very rich conversation. Sam Harris makes a note about how mainstream "mindfulness" is lately, which is impossible not to observe. 

I'm very fascinated by our modern culture catching up and latching onto the benefits of meditation. I have different insights at different times and sometimes I crave a way to remember them. And I stop myself because I know by experience that most of the suffering in my life has been caused by my attachments. FACT. When I practice not being attached to people, places, or things, the quality of my life shifts.

For the better.

I'm amused when I read back to other posts I've written about meditation, from nearly 10 years ago:

My apprehensions for writing about meditation these days are quelled when I read back to those old posts. There's such an innocence LOL. I'll have to get back to my "attempt to be systematic" with my writing... it seemed to work for quite awhile! 

I made this drawing in 1998 from a black and white photocopy of a photograph of a backyard when I was living downtown Santa Cruz on Center Street in 1997, read more.