When You Die You Become Your Website

Inspiration from Terence McKenna

I haven't thought of websites the same after discovering this quote below in December 2013. I remember exactly where I was when I read it: at The Wiltern in Los Angeles getting ready to see my then client -- Pretty Lights -- perform for the first time.

"Taking shamanic drugs and spending your life studying esoteric philosophy is basically a meditation on death." McKenna calls death the black hole of biology. "Once you go over that event horizon, no messages can be passed back. It represents a limit case in the thermodynamics of information. So what is it?" McKenna chuckles. "The best answer I've gotten yet is out of Don DeLillo's Underworld, where the nun discovers that when you die you become your Web site.
~Terence McKenna's Last Trip, Wired, May 01, 2000

This quote seriously resonates with me, to the extent that in many ways, it's the main source of inspiration for this particular website. When I started working as a website project manager in 2012, I was fascinated by how psychedelic the whole process felt. Like a mandala or the fibonacci sequence, everything on the internet is related, just like the human race and likely the whole universe (some days the interconnectedness is blinding while other days, not so much). 

A dear friend sent me an email later in December 2013 with the following subject line "Please do me a favor", the email said, "Listen to at least 35 minutes of this." Terence McKenna has a keen way of bringing perspective to life. 

My Writing.

The evolution of my writing had taken a nosedive sometime in the last few years and it was actually really difficult for me to put my finger on what was missing from my life. I finally figured it out! I missed writing. I still have hand-written journals, but there is something satisfying about collecting regular entries in one spot on the web. 

I started my first blog in December of 2007 on good ol' Blogspot/Blogger. Sometime in 2008, I started a Tumblr which was actually quite fun until I got infinitely locked out of my account sometime last year (2016). 

By 2010, I felt fancy and was on Wordpress.com which at first felt like an upgrade from Blogger, but it actually wasn't that smooth. Or I didn't take the time to set it up optimally. 



During these years, expressing oneself on social media became more and more normal. I was relatively active on Twitter in the early-ish days and admittedly, enjoyed filling out the "25 things about me" or whatever was trending on Facebook many years ago by now. 

I ended up doing social media as part of a few different jobs beginning around 2008 and learned a lot about things like Edgerank, conversions, boosting posts, lead magnets, tripwires and other science/math-based angles to expand the reach of published content. 

At a certain point, "seeing behind the curtain" turned me off to personally contributing. It's impossible not to understand that for Facebook, we truly are "the product". Of course, I enjoy certain aspects of the site, and I do visit it daily (ugh!). But the loss -- for me -- is my creative juice after I take the time to put words to my ideas. It inevitably diffused my creativity and I began to dislike that greatly. 

SOooo, this new site is my retort to my writing being stifled the last few years. My lack of contributions on social media certainly hasn't quelled my opinions, thoughts, feelings, etc... and now I'm ready to use my voice again.