Photo-editing with Pixlr

Oh man, I definitely get tweaky with Pixlr. I enjoy using it to edit photos so very much. It's relaxing and meditative for me to test how layers look. I end up getting curious on how to take a semi-mediocre photo and turn it into something interesting. 

I've spent countless hours doing it and have even created some canvas prints just for fun. Maybe at some point I'll create a store here. 

My aim is to load this post with before and after examples (which will take me some time to go back and find the originals on my favorite Pixlr-edited images). 

But for now, this post is a simple plug for Pixlr!! It's way too much fun for me to not want to share. I guess people like Snapseed from Google but I got way used to Pixlr long before Snapseed and by then I was very attached to Pixlr (if you couldn't tell).

So yeah! Get involved : )