Another Year Is Ending...

Dang, another year in the books. 

I have a renewed commitment to documenting my fleeting thoughts so that some day I can look back at my essence over the years.

I started my first blog in December 2007 and reviewing my first entry there is seriously fucking amusing. TEN years later. I don't have kids so measuring time is a different experience. I do have plants. My eldest is a San Pedro cactus that I nurtured from it being the tiniest little button in 1998. So that makes it NINETEEN. 


san pedro aptos fern flat

Here is the little guy in 1998, up in the Aptos Hills in Santa Cruz County.


Hard to believe this is the same plant, 2017 in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles

I digress. I actually came her to chatter about another unfathomably unexpected year I had. They really do just collect and gravitate towards me. Incomprehensible experiences over and over. Still. I'm happy that I continue to not to be bored and am amused by simpler things over the years. It's a true blessing. 

So, I have a lot more to say and hoping to be able to carve out the (important) time to spill some of my thoughts here. It's oddly important and especially I realize how important it is in its absence. 

Cheerio. Have a warm and bright holiday.