Welcome : )

Hello! And welcome to my newest website : )

I started my first blog in late 2007 and loved collating my thoughts in one tidy digital space. Soon after came the full-court press by all the social media platforms and naturally, I allowed my expressions to be splintered.

These splintered expressions appearing on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (& wherever else) eventually built up a growing aversion to relinquish my content (however creative or uncreative it was) solely to each of the social media giants.

Problem <> Solution

I've silently been craving a cohesive spot for my expressions once again. I've missed writing since I have mostly paused contributing to my many digital profiles. And for the last few months, I've been creating this new home base outside of social media to collect my thoughts and memories before they slide completely into oblivion. 

The risk of losing out on the interactive nature of social media -- the likes, the comments, the "discussions" -- is worth it for me at this point. I'd slid into such a self-editing phase there. After all, what's 10% of zero?! 

So, please enjoy (or not) these bits of my life I've chosen to bring form to here in this space. Some of my notes are rather ordinary, but I am still compelled to share and create here as a practice.