I am a first generation American -- born and raised in Northeast Ohio -- learning about life in California since 1995.


Michele, your belle

Enthusiasm is rarely missing from my days. I'm mostly easily amused which helps my cause since laughing is a favorite pastime. I can't tell if it's weird or awesome. Maybe a little of both. Which would be a typical reaction from me for "astrological reasons". My sun is in Taurus, but it's my rising sign, moon AND mercury all in Gemini that really crank up the polar opposite charm factor. Is it a blessing or a curse to nearly always be able to see both sides to just about everything? Guess what? I'll go with BOTH. 


I am a child of immigrant parents who met at a displaced persons dance on the east side of Cleveland. There were 4 different languages spoken in my home while I was growing up: "American", French, Polish and Lithuanian. Overhearing all of these languages early in my life regularly frightened me at first, then eventually I just ignored what I didn't understand.

I had fear of being judged for being different, so when my my Mom took me to French class as a 4 year old, I refused to learn it. I wanted to be like the other American kids, not speaking "jibberish". Boy, do I regret that stubbornness all the way back then! I can now understand French (when spoken slowly), some Polish and Lithuanian, however, speaking any of the 3 are not in my flow.

All these years later, I celebrate my unique (random!) heritage and actually think it's really neat.


Okay so now you may be wondering about what my work. Or not. If you are, I'm delighted to say that over the years, I've done work I'm extraordinarily proud of. It all goes by so fast, and when I look at it on paper at this point, I definitely feel a sense of pride. Typically, I think this is when I'm supposed to list all the incredible and talented humans I've had the privilege of working with up 'til now. However, my biggest accomplishment so far feels intrinsically linked to being open to the concept of transformation occurring in any given moment. This concept gives me the freedom and courage to face all the ups and downs that inevitably get served up as a human race member.

...writing about my life is as if every space between a word or a letter is filled in by a kaleidoscope of so many moments...

What's a "wonderpiece"?

The name “wonderpiece” started out in about 1998, during a time when I was hanging with a bunch of skaters in Santa Cruz, California, who had slick lingo for just about everything. Hearing the cool, cute skaters refer to their “DOMEPIECE” (i.e. head) — or referring to any injured body part when they wiped out, “I broke my kneepiece” — inspired a whole spell of wondering. When I very first joined the world wide web and thought to create a pseudonym for myself, I added the word “PIECE” onto the activity that I found myself doing more than just about anything… WONDER’ing.

Fast forward to now, Wonderpiece has morphed into all kinds of fun & very funny incarnations: Piecer, 'Piece, Thunderfleece, WonderThunder, it literally goes on and on.

To me, the early days of Wonderpiece were a mix of vibrance, psychedelia, massive consumption of live music, amusing oneself, weird word combos, general kindness, and being in the flow. More recently, I'm aiming to mix in large amounts of being creative, grounded and present. 

Grass ain’t greener
Wine ain’t sweeter
either side of the hill
— Robert Hunter